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Managed Marketing

IdeaSwim’s Managed Marketing Services provides a full team of specialists working together to help your business thrive!

What’s Managed Marketing Services (MMS)?

Marketing in a box: Our Managed Marketing Services have been designed to provide you and your company with everything you need to create, implement, execute, and maintain a successful marketing plan. You are given access to our entire marketing team for every step you take with us!


Outsource your marketing requirements to IdeaSwim and maximize your returns on managed marketing investments. Get access to a full team of best-in-class creative professionals including graphic designers, web designers, web developers, writers, and social media managers.


Managed marketing services is a cost-effective and efficient approach to running a marketing division. It’s the combination of an expert team and technology to develop, execute and manage the numerous elements of a marketing plan. For our diverse clients, we work to deliver high-quality campaign execution that drives market effectiveness for overall operational excellence.

How could Managed Marketing help me?

The grease that squeaks the wheel. We force you to move and act upon all the ideas and strategies you have. We’re not passive. We hold ourselves and you accountable to setting and meeting goals. We like to know if we’re winning.


The coach that’s a call away. We’ve seen a lot that has worked, and a lot that hasn’t. We are keeping up with the changes in inbound marketing methodologies and digital strategies. But the real point here is that we are a quick phone call away, which is priceless.


The strategist and the playmaker. We are strategic consultants who focus on business development. We also execute and measure, which we believe sets us apart from those who just toss around ideas.


The edge to maximize your automation. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be a buzz word. It can be a real thing with actual software, and it can marry your sales and marketing departments together.


The speed to market. We’re your best chance to outpace the competition or to build a moat around the competitive advantages you already enjoy.

Bottom-line. One Known Cost, One All-Star Team, One Big Group Win!

Let’s talk numbers, what’s the ROI?

Execution is easy; strategy is the difficult part. A marketing leader must be gifted in strategy for their execution to work. In addition, you need someone who is entirely focused on the bottom line – a rarity in the marketing world until recently. That’s why many times, a growth-driven agency focused on ROI is a better fit. An agency will have a team of people focused on strategy and planning to your exact needs – be it growing qualified leads, converting to sales, retention, customer delight – or all of the above. The experience an agency brings to your business in these areas can be second-to-none.


Salary & Benefits
With the average marketing leader’s salary at $158K, plus an additional 20% for benefits and on-boarding, the costs add up quickly. In addition, you’re not paying the leader for execution; you’re paying for strategy, planning, and oversight. An agency will cost a significant amount less, depending on the package option you choose.


Continuing Education/Learning
One of the most difficult parts of strategy is having the vision to take an educated guess at the next evolution in marketing. When you hire an agency, you alleviate that risk – it’s placed on the agency team to stay on top of changing industry and marketing trends. They take on the responsibility and will pass the essential knowledge on to your marketing team – a win–win.


When you hire an agency, you hire support for your marketing team: both as leaders, and as manpower to follow through. They work with your marketing personnel to support their functions and allow them to do their jobs better. An agency takes care of annual planning, quarterly reviews, and weekly tracking meetings, while also following-through on the strategy and plans laid out for your business’s success.

Is it easy to get started?

Let’s do this! Take the next step towards strengthening your company’s marketing program. Schedule your free 30-minute marketing consultation today!

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